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Baker Furniture Discounted


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baker furniture discounted – Baker's Style

Baker's Style Wine and Glass Rack
Baker's Style Wine and Glass Rack
Open “baker’s rack” design enhances home’s decor! This stylish and functional unit has cradles for ten wine bottles, a rack for ten stemmed glasses and three spacious shelves for storage or display. Wood and metal. (Items on rack not included.) Assembly required. 24″ x 16″ x 68″ high.

86% (>5)

RF 0283 – Wing Department Store : Purchase Street : New Bedford

RF 0283 - Wing Department Store : Purchase Street : New Bedford
The cast iron first floor of the 1887 Wing facade serves as an entranceway to a below street level park. The restored facade evokes in the minds of many New Bedford residents memories of the well loved 19 year old C. F. Wing and Company – demonstrating that preservation need not encompass the original use of a structure in order to sustain historic continuity.

In 1887 the C.F. Wing Company build a four story building on New Bedford’s main shopping street (appropriately named Purchase Street) in order to accommodate its expanding business. The ground story was elegantly designed in cast iron manufactured by one of New Bedford’s three foundries. The C. F. Wing Company advertised “hoop skirts, real hair switches, sleighs at summer prices, ladies under vests and drawers, parasols and sun umbrellas” among its merchandise. Over the years, Wing’s stock gradually changed to carpeting, furniture and luxury glass wares.

But by 1960, Wing’s business had waned considered and in 1964, the company announced that it was to close its doors permanently. The public reaction to the 19 year old stores closing was nostalgic: “Wing’s,” the current Mayor was quoted as saying in the New Bedford Standard Times, “has been a proud name in our family of merchants and there are many who are saddened by the passing of this landmark.”

But the landmark had not yet passed. Although the company was gone, the building remained, and in 1970 it was bought by local real estate developers John C. DeMello Jr. and Isaac Saada, who opened a branch of the chain store Korvette’s in the space. The sudden change from a well respected and loved department store to a discount store jarred against the town’s memory or the Wing building, and the Korvette’s failed only a few years later.

After Korvette’s had closed DeMello, who attained complete ownership of the property, intended to renovate the building for use as a multi-store arcade. However, on April 11, 1974, a fire gutted the old cast iron fronted building.

The city Building Department inspected the building and certified parts of it as Hazardous to Life and Limb. D.W. White Company took down the immediately dangerous sections of the building. DeMello would not let the city take down the remainder of the building, but after a long court fight, DeMello was forced to turn the property over to the city.

In 1976 D.W. White again resumed work on the building. Workers recognized the importance of the iron facade and notified the City about it. The City of New Bedford decided to save the facade. Thomas Hauck, an architect for WHALE )the waterfront Historic Area League Inc.) and a founder of the New Bedford branch of Friends of Cast Iron drew up sketches of the facade. Using wo CET workers Hauck began work on the facade scraping and rust roofing the iron. At the same time the City honored Henry K. Bishop & Son, Consulting Engineers to work with the Planning Department on a park on the site of the Wing building. The city installed grass, benches and a wrought iron fence to encircle the new park.

Purchase Street became New Bedford’s main shopping street after the demise of the Whaling industry in the 1870s which led shoppers away from the waterfront area. Purchase street is no longer New Bedford’s main shopping area, though, as the revitalized waterfront area and a large shopping mall outside of town have drawn people away from the main street area.

In an effort to revitalize the Downtown area, the City converted Purchase Street into a pedestrian mall. The mall, although not the complete success hoped for at the time has evolved into a gathering spot for shoppers and senior citizens who can be found, mostly on sunny days feeding pigeons there. At least one large Purchase street business, Saltmarsh’s has redesigned their storefront and neighboring owners plan similar face lifts. The New Bedford Historical Commission has nominated the entire Downtown area to the National Register of Historic Places. The City’s planning Department has replaced sidewalks around the mall with brick, and added period 1890s street lights and Victorian benches.

The Wing facade park has been a success. The elegant Wing Company lives in the memories of many new Bedford residents, and their appreciation of the preservation of the facade can be seen on a sunny day when the park is filled with lunch hour visitors and children.

Charles E. Wing Buildings 791 Purchase Street
Wing’s was founded in 1874 by Charles E. Wing who occupied the south half of a wooden building located at 28 Purchase street (the numbers have been changed since those days). This wooden structure was owned by Nathan Chace.

This is the site for the structure that was known as the Wing’s building located at 791 Purchase Street. The wooden one was bought and wrecked by Mr. Whing, and his new store was erected in 1887, and for 90 years was new Bedford’s leading department store.

The main store building was four floors and a cellar were a part


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baker furniture discounted

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